Iptv Setup For Android Devices

Method 1

Follow the steps below to install our Iptv for Android devices

1. Open your desired browser (Chrome, Firefox, Google ETC).

2. Enter one of the follow URL in the browser and press Enter.

Option 1: XC Clean https://bit.ly/perfectmedia or Enter the code 36403 in the Downloader app to load the destination URL.

Option 2: XC Glass: https://bit.ly/ukbestmediaxc or Enter the code 157506 in the Downloader app to load the destination URL.

Option 3: Smarters Pro : https://bit.ly/ukbestmedia or Enter the code 358514 in the Downloader app to load the destination URL.

3. Click “Ok” to allow the app to be downloaded. The desired APK file will start to download.

4. After completing the download, click on the APK file.

5. The installation page will open. Now click on “Install”.

6. After complete Installing, click on “Open”.

After opening the app you will be asked to enter your username and password. If you already have bought our iptv subscription the username & password is sent to your email (Please check spam folder).

If you have our iptv subscription please buy it now: https://bestv.co.uk/subscription-plans/

Method 2

Go to Play Store on your Android device.

Search for Smarters Player Lite App.

After installing Open the App

Click on Login with “Xtream Codes API” Option.

After selecting this option you will be asked to enter following details.

Your login details will be sent to your by email if you have already bought our iptv subscription, if you dont have our subscription yet please go to this link to see our subscription plans: https://bestv.co.uk/subscription-plans/

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